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New Delhi: The Chinese appear to be digging their own graves with their propensity to illegally annex territories from neighbouring international locations.

Even because it indulges in a army stand-off with India in Ladakh, China has determined to tackle mighty Russia on the similar time.

When Russia requested China to withdraw from the Galwan Valley in jap Ladakh, the Chinese responded stubbornly by staking declare to the city of Vladivostok within the far east area of Russia. According to Chinese claims, Vladivostok was part of China earlier than 1860, and Russia had forcibly taken the area from China.

Shen Sewai, the editor of China’s official information channel CGTN, has additionally spoken about Russia’s claims on Vladivostok. Shen claimed that the city of Vladivostok in Russia was a part of China earlier than 1860. Not solely this, he additionally stated that this city was earlier generally known as Haishenwai.

The motive for the change in China’s perspective in direction of Russia is not only Galwan. There are extra causes behind this. Russia had just a few days in the past accused the Chinese intelligence company of stealing high secret recordsdata related to the submarine.

In this case, Russia additionally arrested one among its residents. The nation has been accused of malfeasance. The one who has been accused of leaking this file to China was in a necessary place within the Russian authorities.

This “tweet” of #Russian embassy to #China isn’t so welcome on Weibo
“The history of Vladivostok (literally 'Ruler of the East') is from 1860 when Russia built a military harbor.” But the city was Haishenwai as Chinese land, earlier than Russia annexed it through unequal Treaty of Beijing.

— Shen Shiwei沈诗伟 (@shen_shiwei) July 2, 2020

The city of Vladivostok in Russia is the principle base of its fleet deployed within the Pacific Ocean. Located within the northeast of Russia, this city is the capital of the Primorsky Krai state. The city is situated close to the border of China and North Korea.

Vladivostok is a very powerful city in jap Russia, commercially and traditionally. Most of the commerce from Russia goes by means of this port. In World War II, a fierce battle was fought between the forces of imperial Japan and Russia right here.