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New Delhi: India spinner R. Ashwin mentioned that it will be tough to let go of the behavior of placing saliva on the ball. The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Cricket Committee had on Monday advisable banning the usage of saliva to polish the ball.

“I don’t know (when is) the next time I go out there,” mentioned Ashwin throughout an Instagram video chat with Delhi Capitals.

“It is natural for me to put saliva. It’s going to take some practise (to not apply saliva). But I think, if we all have to co-exist, which is the DNA of the human race, we will have to try and adapt to this.”

The banning of the utilization of saliva to maintain the shine on the ball significantly in longer format was one of many standout options of the committee’s suggestions for when cricket resumes world wide. The sport got here to a standstill in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic that has contaminated over 4.5 million individuals world wide.

Earlier, Austalian quick bowler Pat Cummins mentioned {that a} substitute to saliva wants to be allowed.

“If we remove saliva, we have to have another option,” he informed “Sweat’s not bad, but I think we need something more than that, ideally. Whatever that is, wax or I don’t know what.

“If that’s what that science is telling us, that it’s high risk using saliva … as long as we’re keeping other options open, whether that’s sweat or something artificial. We have to be able to shine the ball somehow so I’m glad they’ve let sweat remain.”

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