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Lucknow/ Kannauj, Apr 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday slammed the SP-BSP-RLD tie-up, saying the alliance of “opportunists” wants a helpless government because its mantra is ‘Jaat, paat japna; janata ka maal apna’.

“Mayawatiji (BSP chief), I am most backward. I request with folded hands not to drag me into caste politics, 130 crore people are my family,” he said in Kannauj.

Modi attacked the alliance for attacking ‘chowkidar’ and Ram bhakts and said it is a tie-up of opportunists and it was “mahamilawati”.

He alleged that wanted a helpless government because their mantra was “Jaat, paat japna; janata ka maal apna” (They talk about caste while looting people’s money).
Without mincing words, he told the opposition parties that whatever efforts they make, they will fail in their mission.

“Whatever efforts you (opposition) make, it will be…” the prime minister said, following which the crowd shouted in chorus “Modi again”.

He ridiculed opposition leaders for their “dream” of becoming prime minister and poked fun at BSP chief Mayawati for seeking support of the Samajwadi Party “just for the sake of power”.

Modi told the gathering that, “These (parties) are the ones who seek evidence of (Balakot) airstrikes and shed tears for Batla House encounter (against terroists).”

Modi took a pot-shot at the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) over its alliance with the Samajwadi Party, saying it has forgotten the insult to Dalit icon Babasaheb Ambedkar by the Akhilesh Yadav-led party.

“Let’s not forget how the SP showed disrespect to Ambedkar. The BSP has forgotten that. In pursuit of power and position, Mayawati (BSP chief) is embracing those who humiliated Babasaheb,” he said.

Modi accused both parties of lacking issues and making caste-based combinations as foundation of their politics with the aim of grabbing power.

Addressing meetings at Kannauj, Hardoi and Sitapur, on the last day of campaigning in parts of UP where 13 seats would go to polls in the fourth phase on April 29, the Prime Minister accused the SP, the BSP and the Congress of not being worried about national interest and just looking for power.

“The opposition is in the state of helter-skelter. The Congress, the SP-BSP are unable to fathom the issues on which they should seek vote. They are trying to save their existence by forging caste-based alliance and it is proving counter-productive,” he said.

Modi said the people were aware of the opportunistic attitude of the BSP and the SP. Mocking them, Modi said after their electoral rout in the last Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections they had opened a new “mahamilavat counter” and expressed confidence that this time too people would lock this political counter.

In Kannauj, Modi said: “We want to bring a saffron revolution in the country. Hearing this, anti-Hindu people feel disturbed, and target me. Saffron is the symbol of energy. We will bring an energy revolution in India.”

He also assured that the last penny that was looted from the people would be recovered.


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